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Things to ask to your wedding photographers before hiring them

Hi guys, I hope you all are well! I decided to create a blog to help and interact a little more with everyone. It will be one post a month, every 14th. The Blog starts today with a theme that will help a lot those who are looking for a wedding photographer. I've separated 10 questions you should ask your photographer before hiring them.

First of all, I advise you to make an appointment with the photographer you are looking to hire for your wedding. It's very important to have a connection between the couple and the photographer, find out more about the photographer's work and decide whether or not you agree with the way the photographer works.

Moreover, will be the person responsible for capturing the moments of one of the happiest days of your life. That's why I said that creating a connection with the photographer is important, try to find someone with a personality, quality and experience at the level you want.

Below you will see 10 questions that I think are essential to ask your dream photographer. Feel free to take a screenshot or print this page to take with you on the day of your meeting.

Do you have my wedding day available?

Calm down, you must be thinking “This is the first question I would ask, of course”. The problem is that there are many people who leave the decision of which photographer to hire to the last minute or end up forgetting to ask before the meeting between you and the photographer. Imagine you go to the meeting and when you arrive you discover that the photographer is not available on your wedding day. Usually, photographers already have weddings scheduled 12-18 months ahead. I advise you to ask this question in the first contact with the photographer you are looking for.

Do you have insurance?

Wedding photographers should have Public Liability Insurance and they should be happy to show their insurance documents if requested.

And why does the photographer need Public Liability Insurance? The insurance will protect you and the photographer in the event that their activities cause harm, injury or harm to someone who is not involved in their work. Usually, your wedding venue will ask you to show the photographer's insurance document, thus protecting the venue against future problems caused by the photographer. Trust me, this will save you a huge headache.

Do you provide a second photographer? Have you ever worked together? How much does it cost?

It's a question that divides opinions, there are people who want and others who don't want a second photographer. I particularly think the second photographer helps a lot. Especially not to miss anything, every detail is important. The problem is when the second photographer is starting his career and has no experience... It's the main photographer's responsibility to explain the method of work and what the main photographer wants from the second one! And that's why asking the time they have worked together is important, a rapport between the team and knowing how the two work is essential for some photos to come out perfect.

And of course, knowing the value of the second photographer is important, because the additional cost will be out of your pocket and you don't want problems before or after the wedding.

I really like your work, but my wedding will be outside the region you photograph. Do you work outside your locality? Is there an additional fee for you to travel to our wedding venue?

Many photographers choose to work only in the city they live in. London is a big city and there are several weddings happening every year. There are others that operate in several cities within their county. For example, if the photographer lives in Haywards Heath in West Sussex, the city is small and doesn't have the same opportunities that London offers. But the photographers will do everything to attend a wedding that will take place in the city of Chichester, 1 hour away. But there are also photographers who are more than happy to hop on a plane and cross the planet to photograph your wedding.

Some photographers include this amount in their package, but there are also photographers who charge separately. So don't think that you will only pay the value of the package, a travel fee may also be charged. For those residing in England, according to the UK's HMRC, a fee of 45p per mile is charged.

Still don't understand? I can explain! If your photographer charges the amount separately, the following calculation will be done... I'll use the example mentioned above of the photographer who lives in Haywards Heath and will photograph a wedding in Chichester. The two cities are approximately 36.5 miles apart. Doing the math, you will pay an extra £16.43 each way because of the travel fees.

It is worth remembering that some photographers also want you to pay for accommodation if the distance is big, so if you are looking for a photographer who is not close to you, make sure you have cleared all your doubts.

What wedding packages do you offer?

The average wedding photographer costs between £1,500 to £2,000. The main things you should know are how many hours the photographer will be with you on your wedding day, how many photos will be made available and how you will receive all the material, whether there is an engagement session or a session on your wedding day and if a second photographer will be available.

Whether the photographer will be with you from the beginning, at the time of your preparation, or whether the photographer will stay until the end to photograph the party depends on package to package. Some couples are short on money and cannot afford the desired amount. I advise you to negotiate with the photographer, I'm sure you'll reach an agreement and your day will be perfect, just the way you dreamed.

What is your photography style?

There are a few styles of photography for your wedding, it all depends on what you want. If you want your photos to be more traditional, to focus on formal shots, group poses and classic shots, look for a photographer who takes photos in this style. Or for example a photo style that is sincere, something that tell you more about your special day. Look for a photographer who takes pictures in a journalism style.

Don't hire a photographer without first knowing the style of photography he works with. This is very important for you to be satisfied with the final result.

What wedding photography niche do you work in?

I believe this question is one of the most important so that the final result of your wedding photos makes you look at your photos and say “WOW, what beautiful photos”.

There are photographers who specialize in certain types of niches within photography. For example, if you're getting married on the beach or in the mountains, don't hire a photographer who only takes photos at registry offices or a wedding venue. The photos will not be the same!

I'm going to use a real example that I saw in a community of photographers I participate in. An Indian couple living in London hired a photographer who had never photographed an Indian wedding before. The couple probably hired the photographer for the set of value + beautiful photos. However, although the photographer was very good, he had no knowledge of the mores and traditions of their country. Causing some important moments of the wedding to be lost and traditions not followed.

Sometimes we make mistakes, but there are ways to avoid these problems, especially on a day as special as a wedding. That's why it's very important to research well before hiring your wedding photographer. If you are Brazilian, Japanese, Indian or from any other country, hire someone who knows your traditions and how the wedding works in your country.

Will you be my main wedding photographer?

Don't think this is a silly question, there are big photographers on the market, with a busy schedule two years ahead. Some of them continue to accept the weddings even with a busy schedule, however, they send another photographer in their place.

Well, usually they will let you know if doesn't have availability on your wedding day and the photographer also will say that they will send someone very good and with the same style of photo to take the wedding photos. But it's always good to take this doubt and make sure who will be on your wedding day.

What information do you need from us before your wedding day?

Before the wedding day, the photographer needs and should know all the logistics! The exact time and location of your ceremony and reception, where you will be getting ready, when the speeches and cake cutting will be, what time the first dance will be and lighting details.

The more information they have, the better. During the initial stages of consultation, it is important to deliver a basic timeline for the day. And if you want group photos on your wedding day, don't forget to hand in a list with the names of the people you want in the photos and which tables they will be at.

What's your backup plan if you can't make it on the day?

Calm down, don't despair. The photographer you hire will likely have a network of professional colleagues they can turn to if circumstances change unexpectedly.

People get sick and family emergencies happen. So, it's always good to talk to your photographer about it beforehand and make sure it's mentioned in the contract between you two.


Don't forget to ask yourself three questions...

Are we going to feel comfortable with this photographer on our wedding day?

Do we trust the photographer to take the best pictures of our day?

Do we have a good relationship with this photographer?

If your answer to these questions is 'yes', chances are you've found your wedding photographer.

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