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It’s Valentine’s Day!

Do you know how many people get engaged on Valentine’s Day? You will be surprised…

Today, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a cultural and commercial celebration of romance and perhaps you are thinking of popping the question on the 14 February? If you are, you’re not alone. It’s thought that more than half million people are proposing and getting engaged today in the UK. And it’s estimated that over 25 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent in the UK every year.

In a 2018 study, according to Brides Magazine, over one million Instagram posts from the previous 12 months were scanned for the hashtags #SheSaidYes, #HeSaidYes, #ISaidYes, and #Proposal to find the most popular locations for a proposal.

Top of the Instagrammers’ popularity list was New York’s Central Park, with 1,789 proposal posts on Instagram and in second place was the Eiffel Tower in Paris. One London landmark made the Top Ten: Tower Bridge, which was in seventh place. The Shard was in eleventh place. Take a look at the hashtags yourself and get inspired.

Anyway, if you’re prepared to take the next big step in your relationship, read until the end and get some inspiration, below you will be able to see 5 romantic ideas of proposals for Valentine's Day:

1. Memory

How about going somewhere that brings back a good memory for both of you? Or where did you have your first date? I'm sure it will be a very special moment for you two! Why not repeat the first date with a marriage proposal? If you can't go to the exactly same place you met, it's also worth taking your partner to the first restaurant or cinema you went to together.

2. Simple

You don't need to recreate a movie scene to make an unforgettable proposal. Maybe something as simple as proposing with the help of your pet. If a pet plays a key role in your life, why not take advantage of it? Putting the engagement ring on the dog's collar, for example, is a good choice.

If you want to ask the big question on the beach, writing in the sand on the beach can be very original! Imagine you walking together on the beach and suddenly your love is faced with a huge “will you marry me?” written in the sand. It's simple, cheap and very romantic.

If you already have children, there is nothing better for them to also participate in this moment of the marriage proposal. It will be a wonderful memory for the whole family!

Simple, but very romantic, can you imagine your love's astonished face if, in the midst of routine, he or she finds a proposal message in the mirror? It can be done with lipstick or even steam from the heat (if he or she is taking a shower). Gorgeous!

3. Creative

The sky is the limit when it comes to imagining your marriage proposal. Check out these tips and surprise your love...

A marriage proposal with a ‘Flash mob’, very common in the US for example. It's a creative proposal that is super trendy. It doesn't matter if the crowd dances well or not, here the intention is what counts. Attention, bride and groom, call your friends and think of a super choreography. With so much energy, it's impossible for your partner to say no.

Maybe organizing something with the cinema is a good idea. Imagine that at the time of the trailer, in a crowded movie theater, your partner appears on the big screen and asks you to marry him from there? In addition to integrating the list of creative ideas, it is also super romantic.

Do you want to go further? One proposal that was very successful on the internet was a proposal projecting lights on a building. You're walking down the street with your partner, and suddenly, the lights of a completely off building flash on and on until you get to one: will you marry me? Giant. Impossible to resist!

4. Surprise party

Why not gather family and friends for this special day? Gather all those close to you so that the day is wonderful, those you want to see around forever... Arrange something with your partner on Valentine's Day, try to be discreet and without giving away so that the surprise is greater. Let's say it's at a restaurant or at a friend's house, when you get there, everyone will be waiting for you with the message "Will you marry me?" highlighted. By the time your partner looks back to you, you'll be on your knees waiting for the answer and hoping it's a beautiful 'YES'.

5. Trip

Organize a small (or big) surprise trip. Tell her you're going to hit the road to relax a little over the weekend. Surprise her with the proposal at the beginning of the trip so that you can enjoy this trip that will never leave your memories.

Maybe even organizing something with the hotel, imagine you arriving in the room and the bed is covered with red petals and balloons in the shape of hearts, how romantic... There are also companies that can do it, you just need to get in touch!


It's a small blog post, but it can serve as an inspiration for many couples. Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below about your ideas and if you're already married, let me know how it went. I'm curious to know! See you in the next post, every 14th of each month.

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