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3 really good reasons to have an engagement session

Hello everyone, hope you are well. This month's post is about engagement sessions. I'm going to tell you the top three reasons to consider an engagement session. But before saying the first tip, I'll show you a comment from one of the brides I've photographed.

“I'm really shy in front of the cameras and with the engagement session I did ,Thiago helped me feel more comfortable and get to know a little more about him, after all he would be my wedding photographer, so I wanted to make sure he would be the right choice! As I was pregnant when we got engaged, we decided to do a rehearsal in the studio to feel more comfortable, we made the right choice.”

- Neide Freitas

Engagement session

1. It will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

If you are shy in front of the cameras, an engagement session will be the best choice to get that shyness out before the big day. Most people aren't experienced with being in front of the camera, maybe just for a selfie or Instagram photos. That way, an engagement session can serve as a valuable practice session.

How to pose for wedding photos? Maybe you've already Googled this or searched for poses for your photos on social media... Well know that even the most natural wedding photos you've come across are likely to be highly staged by the photographer. Posing may seem extremely awkward, but having an engagement session will allow you to try out different ideas before your wedding and get a better idea of ​​how your wedding photos will look.

Engagement session

2. You'll build a relationship with your photographer

You will get a very good idea of ​​how your photographer works and you will get to know them better. Your wedding photographer will be with you for most of your wedding day and you'll want to feel comfortable with them. In fact, this is mutually beneficial because it helps the photographer as well. I particularly believe that we will get to know each other more, I will see how you interact as a couple and understand what you want.

You're probably thinking about hiring your photographer based on his portfolio/Instagram and a quick meeting, but to really get to know someone, you have to spend some natural time together. Your photographer is going to be the only supplier that will be with you virtually all day, so it's imperative that you like and trust him. An engagement photo shoot is the perfect opportunity for us to hang out and talk.

Engagement session

3. It's a great way to capture your love story

Nothing better than having the pictures of you two telling your love story, right? How did you guys meet? Any trip that marked your story? Any detail can help when telling a little bit of a couple's love story during an engagement session. You will enjoy this special moment between the two of you.

Doing an engagement photo shoot will provide you with beautiful images of yourselves. Many of my couples use them for a slideshow during their wedding or maybe incorporate them into their wedding centerpieces or use one of their photographs for a guest signature frame. Not to mention updating your Facebook profile picture and putting them on Instagram. It wouldn't hurt to finally have a picture of the two of you that isn't another selfie...

Engagement session

Extra tip

Planning a wedding is stressful, there's no doubt about it. It's all too easy to get caught up in invitation policy and seating plans, or get bogged down in budget. An engagement photo shoot is an opportunity to breathe a little bit of it all.

One certainty I have about an engagement session is that you will have fun! It's a chance for you to pamper yourself and spend a few hours with your best friend, which is why you're doing all this. You can go out together without the pressure of worrying about the guests or the bridal party, or when dinner is served. And I can capture all of that, which makes some photographs very special.


I hope I have helped you and if you are interested in doing an engagement session get in touch. See you in the next blog post.

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